Top 10 Largest Countries: Key Details, Attractions, and Interesting Facts

  1. Russia
  • Area: 17,098,242 sq km
  • Population: approx. 144 million
  • Capital city: Moscow
  • Political system: Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic
  • Tourist attractions: Red Square (Moscow), Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg), Lake Baikal (Siberia)
  • Interesting facts: Russia spans 11 time zones, has the world’s longest railway (Trans-Siberian Railway), and is the largest producer of natural gas.
  1. Canada
  • Area: 9,984,670 sq km
  • Population: approx. 38 million
  • Capital city: Ottawa
  • Political system: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • Tourist attractions: Niagara Falls (Ontario), Banff National Park (Alberta), Old Quebec (Quebec City)
  • Interesting facts: Canada has the longest coastline in the world, is the second-largest country by land area, and has the most lakes of any country.
  1. China
  • Area: 9,596,961 sq km
  • Population: approx. 1.4 billion
  • Capital city: Beijing
  • Political system: One-party socialist republic (Communist Party of China)
  • Tourist attractions: Great Wall of China, Forbidden City (Beijing), Terracotta Army (Xi’an)
  • Interesting facts: China has the world’s largest population, is the second-largest economy, and is home to the world’s largest standing army.
  1. United States
  • Area: 9,525,067 sq km
  • Population: approx. 331 million
  • Capital city: Washington, D.C.
  • Political system: Federal presidential constitutional republic
  • Tourist attractions: Grand Canyon (Arizona), Statue of Liberty (New York City), Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)
  • Interesting facts: The United States is the world’s largest economy, the third-most populous country, and has the most diverse climate of any country.
  1. Brazil
  • Area: 8,515,767 sq km
  • Population: approx. 213 million
  • Capital city: Brasília
  • Political system: Federal presidential constitutional republic
  • Tourist attractions: Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro), Iguazu Falls, Amazon Rainforest
  • Interesting facts: Brazil is the largest country in South America, has the largest rainforest (Amazon Rainforest), and is the largest coffee producer in the world.
  1. Australia
  • Area: 7,692,024 sq km
  • Population: approx. 25 million
  • Capital city: Canberra
  • Political system: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • Tourist attractions: Great Barrier Reef (Queensland), Sydney Opera House (Sydney), Uluru (Northern Territory)
  • Interesting facts: Australia is the smallest continent and the sixth-largest country, has the world’s longest continuous fence (Dingo Fence), and is home to the world’s oldest living culture (Indigenous Australians).
  1. India
  • Area: 3,287,263 sq km
  • Population: approx. 1.366 billion
  • Capital city: New Delhi
  • Political system: Federal parliamentary democratic republic
  • Tourist attractions: Taj Mahal (Agra), Jaipur City Palace (Jaipur), Kerala Backwaters
  • Interesting facts: India has the second-largest population, is the world’s largest democracy, and is known for its diverse culture and many languages.
  1. Argentina
  • Area: 2,780,400 sq km
  • Population: approx. 45 million
  • Capital city: Buenos Aires
  • Political system: Federal presidential constitutional republic
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  1. Argentina (Continued)
  • Tourist attractions: Iguazu Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier (Patagonia), Buenos Aires (La Boca and San Telmo)
  • Interesting facts: Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world, has the highest peak in the Southern and Western Hemispheres (Mount Aconcagua), and is the birthplace of tango.
  1. Kazakhstan
  • Area: 2,724,900 sq km
  • Population: approx. 19 million
  • Capital city: Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana)
  • Political system: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
  • Tourist attractions: Medeu Ice Skating Rink (Almaty), Baikonur Cosmodrome, Charyn Canyon
  • Interesting facts: Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country, is a significant producer of uranium, and has a space launch facility (Baikonur Cosmodrome) leased to Russia.
  1. Algeria
  • Area: 2,381,741 sq km
  • Population: approx. 44 million
  • Capital city: Algiers
  • Political system: Unitary semi-presidential republic
  • Tourist attractions: Casbah of Algiers, Roman ruins of Timgad, Ahaggar National Park (Hoggar Mountains)
  • Interesting facts: Algeria is the largest country in Africa, has the largest percentage of its territory covered by the Sahara Desert, and played a pivotal role in the decolonization of Africa.

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