Maximize Your Efficiency: The Top 45 Windows 10 Key Shortcuts

Windows 10 Key Shortcuts: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Device and Work Like a Pro

Here’s a list of the Windows 10 key shortcuts that can save you lots of time!

  1. Windows key: Opens the Start menu.
  2. Windows key + D: Shows the desktop or restores minimized windows.
  3. Windows key + E: Opens File Explorer.
  4. Windows key + I: Opens the Settings app.
  5. Windows key + L: Locks your computer.
  6. Windows key + R: Opens the Run dialog box.
  7. Windows key + S: Opens the Search bar.
  8. Windows key + X: Opens the Quick Link menu.
  9. Windows key + Tab: Opens the Task View window.
  10. Windows key + Print Screen: Takes a screenshot and saves it in the Screenshots folder in Pictures.
  11. Windows key + Semicolon (;): Opens the emoji picker.
  12. Windows key + Plus (+) or Minus (-): Zooms in or out on the screen.
  13. Windows key + Comma (,): Temporarily shows the desktop.
  14. Windows key + Left or Right arrow key: Snaps the current window to the left or right side of the screen.
  15. Windows key + Up or Down arrow key: Maximizes or minimizes the current window.
  16. Windows key + Ctrl + D: Adds a new virtual desktop.
  17. Windows key + Ctrl + F4: Closes the current virtual desktop.
  18. Windows key + P: Opens the Project screen menu to choose your display settings.
  19. Windows key + Shift + S: Opens the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot.
  20. Windows key + G: Opens the Game Bar to take screenshots, record gameplay, and broadcast games.
  21. Windows key + H: Activates Windows Ink Workspace to start writing or drawing on your screen.
  22. Windows key + K: Opens the Connect quick action to connect to a wireless display or audio device.
  23. Windows key + U: Opens the Ease of Access Center to adjust settings for vision, hearing, and interaction.
  24. Windows key + Ctrl + C: Activates color filters to help people with color blindness differentiate between colors.
  25. Windows key + Shift + Enter: Opens a program as an administrator.
  26. Windows key + M: Minimizes all open windows.
  27. Ctrl + X: Cuts selected text or items.
  28. Ctrl + C: Copies selected text or items.
  29. Ctrl + V: Pastes the contents of the clipboard.
  30. Ctrl + Z: Undoes the last action.
  31. Ctrl + Y: Redoes the last action.
  32. Ctrl + A: Selects all text or items.
  33. Ctrl + F: Opens the Find dialog box.
  34. Ctrl + Shift + N: Creates a new folder in File Explorer.
  35. Ctrl + Shift + T: Reopens the last closed tab in your web browser.
  36. Ctrl + Shift + N: Starts a new incognito/private browsing window in your web browser.
  37. Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Opens the Task Manager directly.
  38. Ctrl + Shift + S: Opens the Save As dialog box to save a document with a new name.
  39. Alt + Enter: Shows properties of the selected file or folder.
  40. Alt + F4: Closes the current window.
  41. Alt + Tab: Switches between open windows.
  42. Alt + Left arrow key: Goes back to the previous page in your web browser.
  43. Alt + Right arrow key: Goes forward to the next page in your web browser.
  44. Alt + Ctrl + Tab: Shows a list of open windows in the center of the screen.
  45. Shift + Delete: Deletes a file or folder permanently, bypassing the Recycle Bin.