Learning English for Everyday Life: A Health Discussion with the Doctor”.

A woman named Sarah has been experiencing unusual symptoms and decides to visit a gynecologist. She arrives at the doctor’s office and fills out the necessary paperwork before being called into the examination room.

Once in the room, the doctor greets her and asks her what brings her in today. Sarah explains that she has been experiencing heavy and irregular periods, as well as abdominal pain. The doctor listens attentively and asks follow-up questions to get a better understanding of her symptoms.

The doctor then performs a physical exam, including a pelvic exam, and orders some laboratory tests to be done. They discuss the possible causes of Sarah’s symptoms and come up with a plan for further evaluation and treatment.

The doctor explains that they may need to perform an ultrasound or run some hormone level tests to determine the cause of the symptoms and ensure that everything is okay. They reassure Sarah that they will work together to find the root cause of her symptoms and develop a treatment plan that works best for her.

Sarah feels relieved that the doctor is taking her symptoms seriously and is grateful for the care and attention she is receiving. She leaves the office feeling hopeful that she will soon find relief from her symptoms.

here the conversation with the Doctor: 

Sarah: Hi, I’ve been experiencing some unusual symptoms and I wanted to see if there was anything wrong.

Doctor: Of course, I’m here to help. Can you tell me a little more about your symptoms?

Sarah: Sure, I’ve been having heavy and irregular periods, and I’ve been experiencing abdominal pain.

Doctor: I see. Have you noticed anything else that may be related to these symptoms?

Sarah: Yes, I’ve also been feeling fatigued and have lost some weight.

Doctor: Okay, thank you for sharing that information with me. Let’s do a physical exam and some laboratory tests to determine the cause of your symptoms.

Sarah: Okay, sounds good.

Doctor: (after the physical exam) Well, everything looks normal in the exam. I’m going to order some lab tests to check your hormone levels and rule out any underlying conditions.

Sarah: Okay, I appreciate it.

Doctor: In the meantime, try to keep track of your symptoms and let me know if anything changes. We’ll work together to find the root cause of your symptoms and develop a treatment plan that works best for you.

Sarah: Thank you, Doctor. I feel much better knowing that we’re taking steps to find out what’s going on.

Doctor: Of course, Sarah. My goal is to provide you with the best care possible. I’ll be in touch as soon as we have the results of your lab tests.


Vokabular,Kelim Haznesi, مفردات,لغت نامه

English German Deutsch Turkish Türkçe Arabic عربي Persian  فارسی
  1. Symptoms
  2. Unusual
  3. Heavy
  4. Irregular
  5. Abdominal pain
  6. Fatigued
  7. Lost weight
  8. Physical exam
  9. Laboratory tests
  10. Hormone levels
  11. Underlying conditions
  12. Keep track
  13. Root cause
  14. Treatment plan
  15. Results
  16. Goal
  17. Provide
  18. Best care possible
  19. In touch
  1. Symptome
  2. Ungewöhnlich
  3. Schwere
  4. Unregelmäßig
  5. Bauchschmerzen
  6. Erschöpft
  7. Gewichtsverlust
  8. Körperliche Untersuchung
  9. Laboruntersuchungen
  10. Hormonspiegel
  11. Grundbedingungen
  12. Überwachen
  13. Ursache
  14. Behandlungsplan
  15. Ergebnisse
  16. Ziel
  17. Bereitstellen
  18. Bestmögliche Behandlung
  19. In Kontakt
  1. Semptomlar
  2. Alışılmadık
  3. Ağır
  4. Düzensiz
  5. Karın ağrısı
  6. Yorgun
  7. Kilo kaybı
  8. Fiziksel muayene
  9. Laboratuvar testleri
  10. Hormon seviyeleri
  11. Alt sebepler
  12. İzlemek
  13. Asıl neden
  14. Tedavi planı
  15. Sonuçlar
  16. Hedef
  17. Sağlamak
  18. Mümkün olan en iyi bakım
  19. İletişimde
  1. الأعراض
  2. غير عادي
  3. ثقيل
  4. غير منتظم
  5. آلام بطن
  6. معدود الطاقة
  7. فقدان الوزن
  8. الفحص الجسدي
  9. الاختبارات المختبرية
  10. مستويات الهورمون
  11. الشروط الأساسية
  12. المتابعة
  13. السبب الأصلي
  14. خطة العلاج
  15. النتائج
  16. الهدف
  17. المزود
  18. أفضل رعاية ممكنة
  19. في الاتصال
  1. علائم
  2. غیرعادی
  3. سنگین
  4. غیرمنظم
  5. درد شکم
  6. خسته شده
  7. کاهش وزن
  8. آزمایش بدنی
  9. آزمایشات آزمایشگاهی
  10. سطوح هورمون
  11. شرایط پایه
  12. پیگیری کردن
  13. علت اصلی
  14. برنامه درمان
  15. نتایج
  16. هدف
  17. ارائه دادن
  18. بهترین مراقبت ممکن
  19. در تماس