The famous lemon beef kebab in Ramazan kebab in Kahtuyeh, Hormozgan Province

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The famous and very tasty yogurt and lemon kebab of Kahtuyeh region are among the most popular food of this region. Following our trip to the south of Iran and Hormozgan province, we came to the village of Kahtuyeh, where the hospitality of its kind and warm-hearted people in Ramezan Kebab really surprised me. There are many popular kebabs here that are famous and they are going to make some of it for us with fresh beef. They have a model of kebab called lemon kebab, which mixes chopped beef with yellow Amami lemon powder and salt and black Amani lemon powder and onion and leave it for about five hours until it is well marinated.
They also have yogurt kebabs that combine meat with traditional and local yogurt. Turkey kebab, Kohre kebab or goat kebab, saffron Joojeh (chicken), yogurt chicken and quail are also among the delicious kebabs that are prepared on the charcoal grill here. Their lemon kebab was extremely delicious and the meat was so tasty and soft that it melted in your mouth. What is most noticeable here is the immense love of the people of the area, which makes you come to Kahtuyeh many times, and try their delicious kebabs.

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