Cristina from Italy speaks Persian & cooks Persian food


Cristina, from Italy, went to Iran to learn Persian, she lived there for one year. Now she has an Instagram page about Persian food.

00:00​ What you will see
00:24​ Cristina from Italy
00:41 Why did you learn Persian?
02:14 How did you learn Persian?
03:35​ Travel to Iran: how different was it from what you imagined?
05:03 Is Persian as melodious as Italian?
05:36 Your favorite Persian words and idioms
05:53 Similar words in Persian and Italian
06:19 Most strange Persian idioms
06:34 Persian words with bad meanings in Italian
08:26 Iran-Italy cultural similarities
10:46 Iran-Italy cultural differences
12:10 Persian-Italian food comparison
14:28 Iranian or Italian Spaghetti?
14:28 Iranian or Italian pizza?
16:41 Gilaki accent

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