2 Pound TURKEY WINGS!! Giant SOUL FOOD at Laura’s II – Lafayette!


Mark Wiens

LAFAYETTE: Welcome to Lafayette, Louisiana, and today we’re going to eat at Laura’s II, what is easily one of the best Soul Creole food restaurants in the United States. They are famous for giant stuffed turkey wings which are about 2 pounds each, okra stew, and rice and gravy. Let’s see how the turkey wings are made and let’s eat!

I arrived to Laura’s II in Lafayette a little early in order to meet with Madonna. Madonna’s Grandmother, Laura, had a restaurant originally in a different location, and so that’s why the restaurant is called Laura’s II. They serve a variety of Creole Soul food, including a variety of rice dishes, stewed and smothered vegetables, bbq ribs, and the most famous of everything – giant stuffed turkey wings. The turkey wings are stuffed with a blend of spices including cayenne peppers, then seasoned fully with red pepper, and then boiled in a baking pan for 3.5 hours. The result is ultra tender turkey wings that are slightly crispy and gooey all at the same time. The sides dishes, including the rice and gravy and rice dressing (dirty rice), were outstanding, as was the smothered okra.

I can not emphasize this enough, it was probably one of the best Soul Food meals I’ve ever had in my life. Don’t miss Laura’s II when you’re in Lafayette, Louisiana!

🦃 Laura’s II: https://goo.gl/maps/LyhV6mcdeVh46ZG98

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