The Best FRIED CHICKEN in America!! 🍗 Soul Food at Willie Mae’s in New Orleans!


 Mark Wiens

NEW ORLEANS: Welcome to Tremé, New Orleans, and today we’re eating at Willie Mae’s Scotch House (, one of the most historical restaurants in New Orleans known for their amazing soul food and serving some of the best fried chicken in the United States!

Willie Mae’s Scotch House originally started in 1957, but it didn’t start as a full restaurant like it is today. Instead, it was a barbershop, salon, and a bar. With the bar customers came a demand for food, and soon their food became famous – so well known that the food took over and it was turned into a restaurant. In 2005, Ms. Willie Mae Seaton was awarded with a James Beard award for “America’s Classic Restaurant for the Southern Region.” This prestigious award opened new doors and really put Willie Mae’s Scotch House on the map across the United States. Ms. Willie Mae Seaton has since passed away, but her legacy of delicious food and caring for the community will never be forgotten.

I ordered a number of fried chicken plates all coming with different sides. Let me first tell you about the fried chicken – battered and deep fried. But the batter didn’t feel too heavy or caky, and what I liked the most is that when you bite down, the entire skin crispiness doesn’t all come of, but rather stays on the chicken. The chicken was so moist and juicy and the flavor was salty with a hint of spice. Willie Mae’s Scotch House has been named the best fried chicken in America, and I’m not going to argue!

The sides were also delicious, I loved the beans and rice, the green beans and the fried okra. Amazing fried chicken, delicious Soul Food side dishes, and a preservation of New Orleans history and culture.

Price – $15 per plate

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