10 Funny Language Learning Commercials


Dalibor Truhlar

I put together ten of very funny commercials about learning another language. I hope you enjoy them as I did. Normally I ask the viewers to tell me in the comments which one they like the most to see which commercial is #1. Sadly, I can’t do it anymore because the last name I counted deleted its comment, now I don’t know which one was last. But judging by the last outcome and by the comments I respond to daily, the winner is the last commercial Budweiser/Bud light, “No speak English” + “Language of Love”.

These ads are included:

1. Soesman Language Institute with “A Day Trip” from 1998 (I want to f*** you in the ass, featuring the song by the Outhere Brothers from 1994) by Y&R Netherlands

2. Berlitz with its famous “German Coast Guard” / “We are sinking” from 2006 by the agency Bates United Oslo from Norway (Improve your language / Language for life)

3. Babbel with “Boss It At Work” / “Negotiator” (Learn English for Work)

4. Babbel with “Spanish Passion” from 2017 (Tell me more / Speak the language like you’ve always wanted to) with Mariona Borrell

5. Nintendo DS Language Course with “Airport”, perhaps from 2004/2005

6. Berlitz with “Automobil on Fritz”

7. Berlitz Commercial with “The Club” (Join the club)

8. Nintendo DS Japanese TV Commercial (For here or to go) with Nanako Matsushima, perhaps from 2007

9. Berlitz with “Laundromat” from 2005 (Learn another language) by Dennis Liu

10. Babbel with “Undercover Agent” from 2017


11. Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer / Bud light with “No speak English” from the 2007 Super Bowl starring Carlos Mencia

11.5 Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer / Bud light with “Language of Love Commercial” from 2008 starring Carlos Mencia


The votes are in and the current winner is: “No speak English” + “Language of Love” by Budweiser/Bud light

Results in detail, status December 4, 2020 (votes and positive mentions counted):

1. Budweiser/Bud light, “No speak English” + “Language of Love”: 327 votes/mentions – mostly because of Boooood light and We make sandwich, I am meat
2. Berlitz, “German Coast Guard”/“We are sinking”: 213 votes/mentions
3. Soesman Language Institute, “A Day Trip”: 144 votes/mentions
4. Babbel, “Spanish Passion”: 98 votes/mentions – mostly because of the Spanish lady
5. Nintendo DS Language Course with “Airport”: 50 votes/mentions – mostly because of the Yes, yes, yes actor
6. Berlitz, “Laundromat”/”Learn another language”: 36 votes/mentions
7. Berlitz, “Automobil on Fritz”: 36 votes/mentions
8. Berlitz, “The Club”/”Join the club”: 24 votes/mentions
9. Babbel, “Undercover Agent”: 23 votes/mentions
10. Babbel, “Boss It At Work” / “Negotiator”: 25 votes/mentions
11. Nintendo DS Japanese, “For here or to go”: 20 votes/mentions

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