8 Warning Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Sugar



As far as nutrition goes, reducing your sugar consumption will lead to weight loss and better overall health. Reducing glucose in your diet is one of the first health tips that are recommended by health professionals. Who doesn’t love sugar? The sweet crystalline carbohydrate seems to be everywhere and in everything, but consuming too much of it can be detrimental to our health.

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Intro – 0:00​
A constant craving for sugar 1:41​
Feeling sluggish 2:10​
Skin breaking out 2:39​
Weight gain 3:05​
A bad attitude 3:36​
Cavities 4:07​
Foggy brain 4:33​
Nothing’s sweet enough anymore 4:55​


-The more sugar you are consuming, the more you’ll crave, making the sweet stuff fairly addictive.
-It’s important to maintain stable blood sugar levels as too much can not only result in weight gain but deplete you of your natural energy and focus.
– Excessive sugar consumption can lead to acne and skin problems.
-Sugar is void of protein and fiber, which results in excess consumption because it doesn’t fill you up.
– Not only can excessive sugar intake take a toll on your physical health, but also your mental health and it will make you much moodier than usual.
– Resident bacteria in the mouth consumes the sugar you intake, which produces an acid that causes tooth decay.
– Improper control of blood sugar levels can raise the risk of cognitive issues and impairment.
– Sugar overkill prompts your taste bud tolerance for the sweet stuff to go up and satisfying a sugary craving takes more than it should.

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