Nowruz. The Persian New Year. The beginning of Spring.

It’s an ancient old cultural celebration and millions of people around the world celebrate the beginning of Spring. It is also one of my favorite holidays. The countdown to Nowruz is an exciting time and it is followed by spending the night of the New Year by the Sofreh Haftseen , a table we all set up in our homes with symbolic meaning. I wanted to make something to explain more about a day that is so much a part of my heart. I hope you like it and it is yours to share with anyone who would like to know more about Nowruz.
Noruzetan Pirouz – Shally Zomorodi
A special thank you to Keyvan Din for recording this song for me.
Samira wedding and events for the beautiful Sofreh Haftseen setup.
And Tiya studios for making my vision come to life.

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