New York Pizza!! 🍕 18 Inches Pepperoni + Cheese NYC Style Pizza!!


Mark Wiens

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Today we’re going to ChefBing Pizzeria, where Chef Bing serves amazing New York style pizza in Bangkok, Thailand! What I think is so amazing about Chef Bing’s pizza is that he makes both traditional classic NYC pizzas and also makes pizza with a twist of Thai flavor and ingredients. The combination is amazing! #Pizza​ #NYPizza​ #Bangkok​

Chef Bing has an amazing story. He lived in NYC for over 30 years, and so spent most of his growing up years in the US. He also worked as a chef in NYC, but surprisingly, not as a pizza chef. A few years ago, Chef Bing came back to his home country of Thailand. As a challenge, and to try something new, Chef Bing started experimenting making pizza, and after a lot of testing and trying, came up with his recipe for NYC pizza, and started Chef Bing Pizzeria.

It was so cool to watch Chef Bing in the kitchen making his pizza. He did everything with such precision and care, with extreme attention to detail – this is without a doubt one of the top reasons why his pizza is so outstanding. He takes care of every single pizza he makes.

We ordered 2 pizzas, a classic tradition of half cheese and half pepperoni, and a Thai topping pizza of grilled pork neck, culantro and toasted sticky rice. Both were fantastic. I did really love the traditional, with cheese and pepperoni as that’s the ultimate taste of NYC. However, the grilled pork neck was also fantastic. The crust / dough, which Chef Bing really puts a lot of time and effort into, is one of the factors that stands out. Thin and crispy with just enough crunch.

Highly recommended for the best New York pizza in Bangkok!

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