Have Potatoes at Home? This recipe tastes better than potato chips, it’s easy cheap, and delicious!

Lezzet Tutkunu

easy recipe instead of delicious simple french fries
Today we bring you a delicious recipe too, if you are looking for a recipe with easy and great potato chips, you just found it, simple to prepare and much better than french fries, just follow the step by step video you can’t go wrong and the result is a show as you see, so now the full recipe and ingredients check and prepare.
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Potatoes 750 grams.
Black pepper 2 grams.
2 grams of thyme.
Corn Starch 110 grams.
salt 8 grams.
100 grams of cheddar cheese.
vegetable oil 30 ml.
red pepper 2 grams.
1 Liter of Water.

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