Spinach, Eggs, and Potatoes: PERFECT Recipe for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner!

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Eggs are incredible! 😍 They are easy and fast to cook and if you have some eggs, then you have your breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack. They are high in protein, which makes them perfect for a vegetarian diet. Today, we are making this spinach eggs recipe, which will take you to the clouds with comforting potatoes and popping pomegranate seeds in your mouth. It’s colorful, delicious and marvelous for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can substitute leek or kale for spinach and skip the onion if making for breakfast. But I suggest going with Popeye’s favorite 😉 Enjoy today’s episode, like the video if you liked it, and let us know what you think of today’s recipe down in the comment section below!

2 medium potatoes
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large onion, halved and sliced into semicircles
1/2 bunch of spinach (350-400 g), chopped, separate the roots and leaves
5 small eggs, (4 if using large eggs)
2 tablespoons heavy cream (35% milk fat)
2 good pinches of salt
1 handful of pomegranate seeds
1 handful of green olives
½ lemon
A pinch of black pepper

• Scrub the potatoes with a clean scrub or vegetable brush and rinse under cold running water.
• Dice the potatoes.
• Heat a medium sized frying pan on high heat. Pour the olive oil on it and add the potatoes when the oil is hot. Wait for 2-3 minutes to let the potatoes get a good sear.
• Stir and cook for a further 2 minutes without stirring.
• Add the onions and give it a stir. If you are having this recipe for breakfast, you can skip the onions.
• Season with a good pinch of salt and add the spinach roots. Sauté for 30 seconds and add in the spinach leaves.
• Meanwhile, beat the eggs, cream and a good pinch of salt in a bowl.
• Stir in the egg mixture before the spinach has wilted and turn the heat off.
• Mix by folding until the eggs are cooked and transfer on a dish.
• Top with pomegranate seeds and green olives.
• Squeeze some lemon and season with black pepper.
• Your colorful and delicious spinach eggs are ready to enjoy!

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