Pink Martini – Kaj Kolah Khan | Live from Bend, Oregon کج کلاه خان



Pink Martini

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Pink Martini with Storm Large on vocals performs Kaj Kolah Khan, a song in Farsi originally made famous by Googoosh.

Excerpted from Pink Martini’s live concert at Les Schwab Amphitheater in beautiful Bend, Oregon, June 30, 2017. “Kaj Kolah Khan” is Pink Martini’s cover of a song in Farsi, originally made famous in the early 1970s by the Persian superstar Googoosh. The song appears on Pink Martini’s 2016 studio album Je dis oui! and features Storm Large on lead vocals and bandleader Thomas Lauderdale on piano.

Music by Babak Afshar, lyrics by Touradj Negahban




Don’t furrow your eyebrows at me
I’m with the guy in the crooked hat
I am beautiful, I am beautiful
I’ve left many broken hearts in my path
I am a lone rider, I’m a maverick
I have no rival anywhere
I love white stallions
I am a very good jockey girl
Long hair, like a lasso
With endless waves and curls

To mesmerize you
I’ve got locks for days
From head to toe
I’m a flirting machine

When I line up my gaze
And mesmerize you with a look
Even if you have heart of stone
I’ll have your heart



ابرو به من کج نکن
کج کلاه خان یارمه
خوشکلمو خوشکل
دلها گرفتارمه
یکه زن و یکه سوارم
هیچ کجا رغیب ندارم
عاشق اسب سفیدم
دختری چابک سوارم
گیسو نگو کمند والله
چینو چینو بلند والله

پریشون دارم
تا که پریشون بشی
عشوه فراوون دارم
از نوک پا تا به سر

وقتی خمار می کنم
چشمامو تو اون چشات
اونو شکار می کنم
دل اگه سنگم باشه

Thomas M. Lauderdale, piano and bandleader
Storm Large, lead vocals
Robert Taylor, trombone
Gavin Bondy, trumpet
Brian Davis, percussion
Miguel Bernal, percussion
Reinhardt Melz, drums
Phil Baker, upright bass
Dan Faehnle, guitar
Timothy Nishimoto, backing vocals and percussion
Pansy Chang, cello
Nicholas Crosa, violin

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