Ultimate Russian Food in Moscow!! STURGEON OF KINGS + Epic Beef Stroganoff in Russia!


Mark Wiens

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – First time in Russia, and I was very excited to be in Moscow, and go on an ultimate Russian food tour of Moscow. Get ready to eat everything from a sturgeon cooked for the Russian Kings to the most epic beef stroganoff in Moscow on this ultimate Russian food tour.

Big thank you to Dmitry from Value of the Moment (https://valueofthemoment.com/) for taking us around Moscow. Check him out for tours in Russia, especially in and around Murmansk.

Here’s where we ate in Moscow on this Russian food tour:

Grand Cafe Dr. Jhivago (https://goo.gl/maps/bJrU2RBqGaBigAy78) – Located right across the street from the Red Square, this is a legendary cafe in Moscow. You immediately feel the luxury Russian style here – with its red and pure white interior. Food was delicious, and a great place for breakfast to get this Russian food tour started. 3,430 RUB ($53.78) – Total price for everything

Red Square and The Moscow Kremlin – Easily the most important and famous area of Moscow is the Red Square, home to the Moscow Kremlin. This is the center of the city, where all roads lead, and where the heads of Russian government live. There’s nothing like walking around the Red Square, and also seeing the amazing sight of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Soviet Ice Cream and Stolovaya 57 (https://goo.gl/maps/bzftcr3sZKY5GftW6) – Located on the edge of Red Square is the GUM shopping mall and within the mall, you’ll find an old ice cream shop that serves an original Soviet recipe for ice cream. It’s worth a stop and pretty good. Additionally, Stolovaya 57 is a Soviet food canteen and one of the budget food options at Red Square, Moscow. 665 RUB ($10.43)

Cafe Pushkin (https://g.page/Restaurant-Cafe-Pushki…) – To contrast our Soviet meal, we then went to Cafe Pushkin, a luxurious Russian restaurant, and a symbol of a luxury home. The setting is incredible and the food and service lived up to its name. Here is where you’ll find one of the best versions of Russian beef stroganoff on earth, and a type of sturgeon (a sterlet) stuffed with crab that was a symbolic food of the Tsars of Russia – Russian Kings! An amazing meal, fantastic service, and iconic restaurant. 10,980 RUB ($172.15) – Total price

Danilovsky Market (https://goo.gl/maps/SWfe4gQCBS5ZQKCq8) – Moscow, Russia – Next up on this Russian food tour, we headed to Danilovsky Market, a large farmers market, to explore and we sampled some delicious pickles.

Varenychna №1 (https://goo.gl/maps/9ASMTcctM2qY8T2v7) – Soviet Restaurant – To end this Moscow food tour, we went to one more Soviet restaurant, this time, a Soviet style apartment. Again, food was delicious, with an array of dishes from around the former Soviet Union.

An amazing day and Russian food tour in Moscow!

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