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German food vegetarian – German street food vegetarian
If you are like us, you like trying traditional and authentic dishes from countries that you visit. Many foreigners consider German food to be sauerkraut sausages and big chunks of meat. This is only partly true. German cuisine has a lot of vegetarian options and they are certainly not difficult to find! German food is vegetarian, and yes, it is still delicious. If you would like to eat vegetarian dishes in germany please watch this video until the end. We cover German vegetarian street food and German vegetarian seasonal food.

Food mentioned in the video:
Popular Vegetarian Dishes
⇛ Flammkuchen – Tarte flambée
⇛ Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus – Potato pancakes with apple sauce
⇛ Käsespetzle – Cheese Spätzle
⇛ Ofenkartoffeln mit Quark // Pellkartoffeln und Quark mit Leinöl – Baked potatoes served with Quark (German Curd Cheese)

Seasonal Dishes
⇛ Bärlauchsuppe
⇛ Spargelsuppe
⇛ Spargel , Kartoffel, Sauce Hollandaise – White asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise and Ham
⇛ Pffiferlingesuppe – Chanterelle Soup
⇛ Pfifferlinge mit Semmelknödel – Creamy Chanterelle served with Bread Dumplings
⇛ Maronensuppe – Chestnuts soup
⇛ Kürbissuppe – Pumpkin Soup

Regional Dishes
⇛ Obazda/Sachsenhäuser Schneegestöber – Bayern
⇛ Germnknödel – Bayern

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