Forget About Bratwurst and Hot Dogs! Make Your Own Homemade Sausages


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We’re super excited to give you some great news… We’re finally back in our OG kitchen! Well, temporarily at least. We decided to break down some walls and install some new lights at the studio back in our apartment since we now know that we’re going to be working from home for an unforeseeable future. Anyways, back to the video! What we have for you here today is something we know for a fact that nobody could resist. It’s the game day favorite, breakfast savior, SAUSAGE! Well, not just ‘sausage,’ more like three incredible recipes to make perfectly flavorful sausages at home to impress your friends. Enough from me, though… Don’t forget to watch the entire video, leave us a like, and subscribe! And, please, do share your tips and tricks and more importantly, let us know what you would like to see on our channel going forward! 😘

Plain chicken sausage:
500 gr chicken thighs and breasts (~1,1 lb, preferably skin on, alternatively, you can use beef, pork or lamb)
1 teaspoon butter
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper (up to 1 teaspoon to your taste)

2 pinches of baking soda

Sausage with cured meat:
2 slices of cured meat (40 gr, ~1,8 oz to increase the umami in a natural way. Prosciutto or bacon is fine. 4 slices for the whole batch.)

Sausage with curry powder:
1/4 teaspoon curry powder (you can use any type of curry powder that you love! 1 teaspoon for the whole batch.)
1 teaspoon olive oil (4 teaspoons for the whole batch.)

• Place in 500gr chicken in your food processor. Add the butter if you are using skinless chicken meat.
• Add the salt, black pepper, and baking soda. Baking soda is essential for the homogenized foamy texture.
• Pulse until the mixture becomes a paste.
• For the plain sausage, divide the paste into 4 pieces for large sausages or 12 for small ones, or you can make any size you want.
• For the sausage with cured meat, add the cured meat to the food processor and pulse the mixture.
• For the sausage with curry powder, mix the curry powder and the olive oil. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Then add it to the paste and give it a good mix.
• Cut a piece of baking paper around 20x 40 cm (~8×16 in).
• Wet the baking paper lengthwise and your fingers.
• Place the paste on top of it.
• Wrap tightly and twist both ends in opposite directions to compress the sausage for the perfect shape.
• Let the sausages sit for half an hour in the refrigerator for a smoother texture.
• Then place the sausages in boiling water and boil 8 minutes for large ones and 6 minutes for the small ones.
• Take them out and unwrap them. You can freeze them when they are at room temperature and defrost whenever you want one.
• To make the sausages smoky and more flavourful, heat a ridged cast iron pan.
• Place the sausages into the pan and cook all the sides for about 5 minutes. Butter them several times.
• If you are in a mood for a breakfast sandwich, halve the bread and toast for 2 minutes. I am using açma so I recommend you to use brioche or croissant. Place scrambled eggs on your bread base, then top with sausages. Sprinkle some ground black pepper. Layer with rocket leaves and bread top.
• Or if you’re craving a hot dog, halve the bread and toast it. Spread some mustard and ketchup. Finish with pickles and rocket leaves if you want to go for more.

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