Fesenjān Persian cuisine

Khoresh-e Fesenjān (Persian: خورش فسنجان), or simply Fesenjān (Persian: فسنجان), is an Iranian stew (a khoresh) flavored with pomegranate syrup and ground walnuts (see bazha). It is traditionally made with poultry (duck or chicken), but also variants using balls of ground meat, ghormeh cut lamb, fish, or no meat at all are not unusual. Depending on the cooking method, it can have sweet or sour taste. It is served with Persian white or yellow rice (polo or chelo).

Maria PouriYes fesenjan is a khoresh from the northern region of Iran, but the method described here is certainly NOT how it is made in the north of Iran. There is no onion, turmeric, saffron nor lemon juice used. Only sour pomegranate molasses is used, no juice,no sugar. When people in the Tehran area discovered this lovely khoresh, they decided that they prefer a sweet version, thus the addition of sughttps://www.facebook.com/mustseeiranpage/videos/843443099124122/ar. For me, the best fesenjan is with duck, which I roast separately, take off the bone, pour off the fat and add to the khoresh before the khoresh is fully cooked. Nooshe jan!
Seyed Afshin Azimi Rashti Its is really great you are introducing Iranian cuisine but its not the original recipe.
In original recipe in north of Iran we don’t fried walnut after grounding and also don’t fried chicken with onions.
After all the seasoning of this stow is marjoram that you didn’t add it
And in the end you must not add olive oil. It will destroy the original taste

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